Explosion Proof Type Toxic Gas Detector / GQ-CE8900


A new generation of intelligent Toxic Gas Detector, Model GQ-CE8900, which adopts the smart sensor technology and features a safety function automatically identifies and determines the remaining usage life of the sensor. This easy-to-use GQ-CE8900 also features the detection of different gas concentrations by simply replacing the sensor and re-calibrating accordingly. It also provides a real-time fault diagnosis to ensure safe and effective operations.
GQ-CE8900 can monitor toxic gases presence consistently and continuously in installation sites. This Toxic Gas Detector has a standard 4-20mA current output and three sets of Normally Open Contact relays for Warning/Alarm/Fault. These features make it easy for the detector to connect to various control units. In addition, there are dual redundant Modbus and HART communication interfaces for data transfer to PLC, DCS, PC, etc.


• Isolated safety barrier
• Event logging
• One person adjustment-free calibration
• 4-20 mA output
• Warning, Alarm and Fault Relays
• Sensor life indication
• Modbus and HART interface


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